Indulge yourself daily with our Glow Box Gift Set this holiday season.  Each set includes:  Self Tanning Mousse, BronzeMe Applicaiton Mitt, Exfoliation Mitt, Body Butter w/Argan Oil, Bath/Shave Bar, and Tanning Booster Drops.  All products are 100% organic, vegan, paraben and gluten free.  


How To Use:

1.  Exfoliate with the mitt 24-48 hours prior to applying self tanning mousse

2.  Apply tanning mousse with application mitt and rinse off bronzer in 8 hours (water only)

3.  Shower and Shave with our bath/shave bar for duration of the tan (5-7 days)

4.  Apply body butter right after shower and before bedtime to keep skin hydrated

4.  Add up to 6-10 drops of tanning booster into the palm of your hand and mix together with body butter on Day 3 to keep your face glowing and you can add to your self tanning mousse (about 30-40 drops) to darken the color of the tan.  Apply with application mitt.


Holiday Scents:

- Champagne Toast

- Christmas Spice

- Gingerbread Cookie

- Sugar Plum Fairy

- Spirit:  Whisky Breeze

- Spirit:  Rum Runner

- Spirit:  Bourbon Delight


All gift sets include holiday gift box

Holiday Glow Box Gift Set

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Holiday Scents


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