Mystic Compatible Spray Tan Solutions

Mystic Compatible Spray Tan Solutions


Oh That Glow Sunless Tanning solutions created by Island Glow has now converted all airbrush solutions into a Mystic compatible booth solution.  There are four ranges of formulas:  8%, 10%, 12%, Rapid.  


NOTE:  A minimum of  5 gallons must be purchased (you may mix the 8%, 10% and 12%)


Facts on what makes our solution different that any other brand:

- Aloe:  to help hydrate the skin and lock in moisture which is key to a long lasting spray tan

- Green and White Tea Extract:  Full of antioxidants to help firm and tighten the skin and help maintain healthy skin to give you the glow you need. 

- A universal color that delivers a natural dark golden/ brown tan

- No smell

- Quick dry

- No tackiness