Summer Tan Box

Summer Tan Box


What’s In The Summer Tan Box (available July-September)

- Self Tanning Rapid Mousse

- Mini Body Wash/Body Lotion

- Puff Me Volumizing Shampoo

- Application Mitt


Directions for Use:

1.  Exfoliate skin 24-28 hours prior to self tanning.  Be sure to shave the day of applying your self tanner

2.  Apply body lotion to hands, feet, knees and elbows before applying self tanner

3.  Apply self tanner with application mitt in long, even strokes starting at the legs, arms, back, torse and finish up with feet, hands and face last.

4.  Dry with hair dryer or self dry for 60-90 seconds. 

5.  Wear dark loose clothing afterwards.  Avoid getting sweaty or around direct water.

6.  Rinse off in 1-4 hours depending how dark you would like your tan.  Use warm water only (no product on skin) for 45 seconds.  Pat dry with towel.

7.  Apply body moisturizer after rinsing.  Continue to use twice daily.

8.  Repeat weekly.

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