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Sun Tanning

High Performance Stand Up Tower

The newest generation of UV Tanning is available in Central VA.
Island Glow offers the only Hybrid Tanning & Red Light (Prestige 1600) in all of our Island Glow salons.  This is seriously the game changer of all indoor tanning beds.  
We are thrilled to give you the BEST tanning, whether it be sun tanning or spray tanning in Central VA.
What is Hybrid Tanning?

Hybrid Tanning The KBL3000 Hybrid Tanning Tower delivers state-of-the-art design with an invisible integrated exhaust system that minimizes noise for a relaxed & comfortable fitness & beauty session. A new generation of tanning includes red light, bronzing light &  *vibraNano vibration plate to provide an invigorating, light activated environment to stimulate, energize and refresh your fitness regime benefiting core strength, muscle tone, skin care & relaxation. *offered at select locations

Personal Sun Style:

This gives you the ability to maintain the Red Light benefits while reducing the UV output during a session.


Enjoy an all-round feeling of well being! The standard comfort features combined with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Temptronic and 3D sound deliver luxury at the highest level. All feel-good settings can be adjusted in the control center before the session begins, and then all you have to do is relax and enjoy your personalized tanning experience.

  1. Bluetooth Connect: Stream music from your phone to the bed via bluetooth

  2. Temptronic Plus & Comfort Cooling: REAL air-conditioning to keep you cool

  3. Multi Relax Acrylic: Adjust to fit your body style for the ultimate in comfort

How Much is Hybrid Tanning?

We’ve worked hard to provide the best pricing possible for this new technology, while at the same time recognizing this is the only tanning salon in the Farmville area.


  1. Hybrid will be included in our All Access Club and Sun Club (auto-pay) at no additional charge

  2. Hybrid will be a $15-25 per single session or drop-in (walk-in)

  3. Hybrid will be $69.99/mo for unlimited use

  4. Hybrid Month-to-Month Package will be $99 (30 day expiration)

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