Freeze.  Upgrade.  Downgrade. Cancel. 

We make saving money on your spray tans easy each month.  No start up fees.  No Cancellation fees.  No long-term contracts.  If you need to change your membership status, just complete this short form and we will email you a confirmation once we receive it.  


Want to upgrade (or downgrade) your membership?  Just let us know below and we will make that change immediately.  There will be a $15 fee to make this change but in the long run you will be saving money on your favorites services each month.


Before you cancel, be sure to check out the option of FREEZE; freeze your membership for only $10 a month and will credit each $10/mo for you to use at a later date.  The benefits of freezing are to GUARANTEE Price Protection - even if our prices increase your rate won't.  You will always have the benefit of your currently monthly rate.​  To unfreeze your membership, just request this at your appointment ($15 fee).  

If you need to cancel your membership, keep in mind we do request a 3-month minimum activation on all memberships before membership can be cancelled.  We also require a 30-day written notice to cancel.  So if your request falls within the 30 days of your auto-renewal (1st or 15th) you will be billed one last time.

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