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Welcome to our Farmville Campus Studio

video by Conrad Brinkman, Senior at Longwood University

Which payment methods does Island Glow accept?

Cash, Check, Credit Card

Does Island Glow offer package deals?

Yes!  We offer group discounts, special package discounts, sponsorships, and refer-a-friend freebies.

How is Michelle different from other makeup artists?

Michelle brings over 20 years experience to her clients in the makeup artistry world.  She has been trained by Bobbi Brown, Robert Jones, Lori Hogg, and she too is an international beauty educator to emerging makeup artists.  Michelle has a simple style

How do I prep for my spray tan or self tanning products.

We recommend that you wax, shave, exfoliate 48 hours prior to tanning.  This will allow the skin to calm down, pores tighten and close in deliver a more flawless tan.  We recommend using our Organic Bath Soak and/or Sugar Scrub + Exfoliating mitt for best prep.  Be sure to wear dark, loose clothing after you tan to preent any wrinkles or creases that will effect the final finish.

How long will a sunless tan last?

Your spray tan and/or self tanner will last usually 5-7 days when you have followed the post-tan instructions as suggested.  We have found and tested that using recommend aftercare products will extend your tan another 5-7 days.  Be careful if you soak in hot tubs, pools and any form of liquid with chemicals or the temperature is hot becuase these will fade your tan within a few days.

Will my spray tan turn me orange?

Our spray tan formuals and self tanners are a special blend of high quality DHA that delivers a great color with a soft fade and mixed with a violet mocha undertone that delivers a mild chocolate finish rather than an orange tone.  We offer 8%, 10%, 12%, and 1

What bath/shower products do you recommend?

We recommend using products that are the best for your sunelss tan.  It is our experiene that DOVE prodcuts as well as anything containing alcohol or perfumes will fade your tan within days.  We recommend organic/vegan bath/shower products and we offer a full collection in our store.

How do you apply self tanners?

Applying self tanners is really quite easy and very convenient (since you don't need an appointment in your bathroom). Here is our best tips on getting a flawless faux tan:
1.  Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to tan
2.  Shave morning of tan
3.  Apply a lotion on feet, knees, hands, and elbows
4.  Apply self tanner starting at feet, legs, backside, abdomen, arms, face and hands in a circular motion using our BronzeMe application mitt
5.  Double check to be sure you didn't miss any areas when done and dry completely
6.  Wear dark loose clothes
7.  Shower in 8 hours with warm water, no soap and pat dry with towel.  Begin to moisturize with sunless tanning approved body butters.
8.  Start enjoying that tan!  It will continue to darken in color over next 24-48 hours.  
9. Repeat as often as you would like.

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