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  • Which payment methods does Island Glow accept?
    Cash, Check, Credit Card.
  • Does Island Glow offer memberships or package deals?
    Yes! We offer group discounts, monthly memberships, special package discounts, sponsorships, and refer-a-friend freebies.
  • What makes Island Glow Sunless Tans different than other salons?
    Michelle, the founder, created the sunless solution range in 2012 after she wasn't happy with other brand names available to spray tanners. Whether it was the overall color, the smell, the stickiness, the fact they weren't lasting long she knew her customer experience could be better. So, with the help of a chemist she created the PERFECT TAN! Completely vegan, paragon and gluten-free with the most gorgeous color, it became what made Island Glow different that any other salon tan.
  • How do I prep for my spray tan or self tanning products?
    We recommend that you wax, shave, exfoliate 48 hours prior to tanning. This will allow the skin to calm down, pores tighten and close to deliver a more flawless tan. We recommend using an exfoliating mitt and coffee scrub for best prep. If you have to shower within four hours before your spray tan, keep the shower short and allow the skin time to cool down before appointment. Be sure to wear dark, loose clothing after you tan to prevent any wrinkles or creases that will effect the final finish.
  • How long will a spray tan last?
    Your spray tan and/or self tanner will last usually 5-7 days when you have followed the post-tan instructions as suggested. We have found and tested that using recommend aftercare products will extend your tan another 5-7 days. Be careful if you soak in hot tubs, pools and/or any form of liquid with chemicals because this will fade your tan. We suggest that after dipping in a hot tub and/pool, rinse skin off immediately and keep your shower short. We advise to apply our Gradual Self Tanner all over to maintain the tan and avoid the fade. As always, external hydration is one of the most important must-haves to maintain a spray tan for 5-7 days. Whether it be in the form of water or your body moisturizer, your spray tan artist will be able to offer suggestions of products to have stocked in your bathroom.
  • Will my spray tan turn me orange?
    Island Glow created spray tan formulas and a complete self tanning collection that consist of a special blend of high quality DHA that delivers a great natural colors with a soft fade. We offer two finishes: Soft Chocolate tan (fair-medium skin tones) and a Dark Chocolate (medium-olive-yellow skin tones) in many ranges of depth: light, medium, dark , express, clean and sweat proof. We are known for never turning anyone orange and we ask that you follow the post-tan instructions your spray tan artist will review with you at your appointment.
  • What bath/shower products do you recommend?
    We recommend using products that are the best for your sunless tan. It is our experience that DOVE products as well as anything containing alcohol or perfumes will fade your tan within days. We offer shower gel, bath/shave bars and body lotions in our store. They were created to support your spray tan and/or self tanner.
  • How do you apply self tanners?
    Applying self tanners is really quite easy and very convenient (since you don't need an appointment in your bathroom). Here is our best tips on getting a flawless faux tan: 1. Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior to tan. 2. Shave morning of tan. 3. Apply a lotion on feet, knees, hands, and elbows to act as a barrier cream (and prevent these areas from over processing). 4. Apply self tanner starting at feet, legs, backside, abdomen, arms, face and hands in a circular motion using our application mitt. 5. Double check to be sure you didn't miss any areas when done and dry completely. 6. Wear dark loose clothes. 7. Shower off in 8 hours (or 4 hours if you are applying an express tanner) with warm water, keep the shower short, no soap, no shaving and pat dry with towel. Begin to moisturize with sunless tanning approved body moisturizers. 8. Start enjoying that tan! It will continue to darken in color over next 24-48 hours. 9. Apply a Gradual Tanning Lotion/Mousse to keep face and hands dark throughout the 5-7 days. You may also apply all over body on day 3-4 to extend the life of your tan another 3-5 days. 10. Repeat as often as you would like.
  • Why Is My Spray Tan Not Developing As Dark As It Used To?
    Believe it or not, our periods, ovulation and menopause hormones can actually effect the results of your spray tan. So if you are on your period, you might see lighter results and you need to be sure you are consulting with your spray tan artist so she can give advice on how to choose the spray tan formula and range that may be able to give you lasting results. Your PH level can also effect the results of your spray tan. We offer a PH Prep Spray prior to your spray tan that will neutralize your skin and allow it to process more effectively. External hydration may also play a factor on the spray tan development. Lack of proper water, body lotions that are not actually moisturizing all play a part in the post-tan results.
  • Are You DHA Resistant?
    Are you naturally fair skinned? Have you had spray tans before thinking you would go dark quickly because of your fair skin, but instead you get little to no colour at all? Do you have to go the darkest shade of tan possible just to get a hint of color? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it’s pretty safe to assume that your are DHA Resistant. You’re probably wondering – “what is DHA Resistance and what has it got to do with spray tanning my skin?!”. ​ Well, first of all, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in spray tanning solutions. It’s the reason why your skin turns brown from a spray tan. The scientific explanation according to Wikipedia is “DHA reacts chemically with the amino acids in the skin, which are part of the protein containing keratin layer on the skin surface. Different amino acids react to DHA in different ways, producing different tones of coloration from yellow to brown. The resulting pigments are called melanoidins. These are similar in coloration to melanin, the natural substance in the deeper skin layers which brown or “tan”, from exposure to UV rays.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihydroxyacetone ​ Some people who are fair and cannot tan in the sun have a similar issue with DHA – it doesn’t have the same effect on them. Therefore DHA Resistant individuals often require a much higher dose of DHA just to get any color whatsoever! But never worry – we have dealt with a great number of clients with DHA Resistance with excellent results. Usually, it takes a few tans to know what colour suits you best anyway, and it’s no difference with DHA Resistance. Generally, we will give you a light tan to begin with (if you’ve never had a spray tan before) and assume you are NOT DHA Resistant…but then if no color comes up, we will increase the strength of DHA to arrive at your perfect tan! ​ You should also know that it’s very common – and is not always just fair skinned people who are DHA Resistant… So you’re not the only one!!
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