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Do you have what it takes to be an Island Glow Brand Ambassador ?

Are you obsessed with keep a gorgeous tan all year long? Do you love to feel confident and sexy in your own skin every day? Do you want to shout your love for Island Glow tans at the top of your lungs?

Apply today to become a part of the IG family as an ambassador and share your love for sunless tans with the world.

Let’s talk about the good stuff: What are the perks of being an Island Glow Ambassador?

  • Discounted products

  • Personalized discount code to share with family and friends

  • Early access to upcoming new releases, events & sales

Responsibilities of being an Island Glow Ambassador:

  • Post on Instagram, Facebook and/or Snapchat 5 times a month using our preferred hashtags:  #islandglow #islandglowambassador and be sure to tag us @islandglowva

  • Participate in the campaigns that you see fit in exchange for product incentives.

  • Create photo and video content documenting you receiving your orders or placing your orders

  • Share with your friends & family about how much you love our brand!

Profile Information
Do you currently tan with any Island Glow products?
How often do you tan sunlessly (spray tans and/or self tanners)?
Select all interests that apply to you:

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