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Do you have what it takes to be an Island Glow Brand Ambassador ?

Are you obsessed with keep a gorgeous tan all year long? Do you love to feel confident and sexy in your own skin every day? Do you want to shout your love for Island Glow at the top of your lungs?

Apply today to become a part of the IG family as an Brand Ambassador and share your love for tanning, spa and beauty with the world.

Let’s talk about the good stuff: What are the perks of being an Island Glow Ambassador?

  • Free sun/spray tanning and spa services

  • Discounted products

  • Personalized discount code to share with family and friends

  • Early access to upcoming new releases, events & sales

Responsibilities of being an Glow Brand Ambassador:

  • Create content on TikTok and Instagram at least 5-10 times a month.  Be as creative as you can and show off the service or product you love the most.

  • Tag Island Glow in each post so we can share it to our social media too and use the hashtags we have provided for you

  • Participate in the campaigns that you see fit in exchange for product incentives.

  • Create photo and video content documenting you receiving your orders or placing your orders

  • Share with your friends & family about how much you love our brand!

2024 Self Tanning Brand Ambassador Search!

  • Are you a current self tanner?

  • Are you really good at applying it evenly and flawlessly?

  • Can you create a really good TikTok and Instagram Reel 

  • Are you willing to create great content showing the Before, During the Application and After of our product for marketing purposes?

Submit a sample TikTok showing us your camera skills applying (any) self tanner to islandglow@islandglowva.com

Profile Information
How did you hear about Island Glow?
What do you love at Island Glow?
Is there any reason why you couldn't create content 5-10 time per month?

Thanks for submitting!

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