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Skip the expense of traditional lash extensions and the time it takes!  Island Glow Tanning & Beauty offers under-eye lash extensions.  They last up to 5-7 days. Perfect for special events, vacations, wedding day or just because you love lashes.
Lash Extensions
Under-Eye Lashes Extensions 
Make you feel more glamorous than you thought possible!

Do you offer strip, cluster or individual lash extensions?

We offer cluster lash extensions Flutterhabit because we believe and found they are much easier to apply in just 30 minutes (not hours), super affordable and much safer and healthier for your natural lash.

How long do these lashes last?
Most customers say 5 days on average (yes you can sleep in them) but some have repo
rted up to 8 or 9 days!

How do they compare to strip lashes?
Our lashes are meant to be worn for multiple days at a time more like lash extensions than strip lashes! They are strip lashes cut into sections that can be worn under or over the lashes. You attach them to the underside of your natural lashes or on top. Not to the lash line! You cannot feel them at all! They are extremely light weight and customizable for everyone’s unique eye.

We offer under-eye lash extensions that are shower-proof, water-proof, and sweat-proof. *minimum age requirements of 16 years old

We offer the service in-salon or you can purchase the set, book a lesson and DIY (Do It Yourself) at home.  

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift DIY Kits

If this new on-trend & in-demand technique isn't enough, eyebrow lamination forms just part of our full Brow Sculpt Treatment. Our corrective eyebrow treatment realigns your brow hair into your desired position, making them much easier to manipulate. It can also help to achieve instantly fuller looking eyebrows using your existing hair. Whether you want to correct your shape, lift the hairs, or both of these options, here are the benefits of our bespoke take on the brow lamination treatment.

We offer Flutterhabit Brow Trainers, Brow Lift & Laminate for this easy, painless beauty treatment for both brows and lashes.    We offer this super easy DIY (Do It Yourself) at home.

Eyelash Care Treatment Procedures, Stain
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