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At-Home Self Tanning Kit

At-Home Self Tanning Kit


At-Home Self Tanning Kit is perfect for all those busy moms, working men and women plus college students who just have no time to visit their local tanning salon.  In just minutes every week you can keep a natural tan all year long in the privacy of your own bathroom.  No appointment needed (ha ha).  



  • Self Tanning Mousse (8hr)
  • Mini Body Wash
  • Self Tanning Drops
  • Application Mitt
  • Bronzing Brush


1.  Exfoliate skin 24-48 hours prior to application

2.  Add moisturizing lotion to hands, feet, knees and elbows before application

3.  Shake self tanner well.  Apply all over in long even strokes starting with legs and working up to neck and arms

4.  Use excess self tanner on brush to apply on feet, hands and face.

5.  Rinse off in 8 hours.  Lukewarm water x 45 seconds.

6. Use self tanner approved body wash and lotions to support your sunless tan and allow it to develop correctly.

7.  Repeat as needed


NOTE:  Your tan will darken over the next 24 hours once applied. You will see the color developing almost twice as dark as you applied.



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