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Self Tanning:  Sweat Resistant Self Tanning Mousse

Self Tanning: Sweat Resistant Self Tanning Mousse


Sweat Resistant/Workout Self Tanning Foam is the game changer for all faux tanning lovers! Perfect choice for athletes, hot and humid climates, menopausal women, etc.


This is an EXPRESS formula, which means you will rinse off in 1-4 hours. You determine the rinse off according to how tan you would like to be. *Note: we do not recommend you over-process

Light tan, rinse in 1 hour

Medium tan, rinse in 2 hours

Medium/Dark tan, rinse in 3 hours

Dark tan, rinse in 4 hours


This self tanner has so many skin care and tanning benefits:

Cruetly free


No nasties (which means no chemicals)

Fade Technology (too last longer and fade soft)

Skin Firming

Sweat passes through the tan so it won't transfer immediately off


Self tanners will darken by the hour once applied and twice as dark over 48 hours. Follow the instructions below to achieve a flawless result.



Exfoliate skin 24 hours prior to applying

Skin should be clean and dry for application

Apply a moisturizer to feet, heels, knees, elbows and hands

Shake well. Apply with self tanning mitt, body application mitt or body bronzing brush in long even strokes

Apply all over until all areas are tan

Dry for 45-60 seconds before wearing dark, loose clothing

Rinse off in 1-4 hours using lukewarm water for 45 seconds. No soaps or shaving cream. Pat dry with towel.

Apply spray tan approved moisturizer twice daily for best results

Repeat as often as you like

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