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Falling In Love With Urban

The Urban Culture in Richmond, VA

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing photoshoot with Sean DeWitt Photography and Roger Walk Photography. The subjects of the shoot was a 2-team collaboration of Island Glow + SkullzandBarbells.....as we are gearing up partnerned up before the season starts next month. We took alot of photos at the ever so historical "Flood Wall" and were able to experience a different kind of art.....Grafitti all over the flood walls. WOW is what I thought! How amazing is it to see how other talent showcases what they do best. Another cool thought is how the city allows them to offer such a statement piece of our culture to other RVA'ers as well as our out of town visitors. I was extrememly proud to show off and share the history of why Richmond built the flood wall to our SB guests ---they were in awe as they were visualizing what that flood water really looked like as it invaded our city. So, my takeaway is that I need to be sure I visit our "Bottom" more often to stay on top of the really super awesome sites, history, and new talent on the rise that adds to our urban culture of our city. I would also challenge you (the reader) to find a few things about your city too that allows you to fall back in love with where you live. Photoshoot clothing: Trendy plaid shirt bought at Target, Island Glow t-shirt, Hair/Makeup/Tan by Island Glow. #richmondva

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