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How To Get Rid of a Bad Spray Tan

How to Get Rid of That Awful Comp Spray Tan

By Island Glow 

Has your comp spray tan left you with something looking like an alien from another planet? Sometimes those comp tans sunless can be troublesome and even a little frightening, especially when it dawns on you that spray on tans are designed to last for a week or more! Luckily, we've collaborated with @skullznbarbells to offer a safe and easy solution to your problem that will remove that nasty 50 shades of orange without damaging or irritating your skin.


Things You'll Need: Bath Soak/Shower Scrub/ Exfoliating Mitt 

Get Rid of That Awful Spray Tan- by saturating the skin with our proprietary organic bath/shower combo to begin to separate the tan from the skin. Allow the bath soak soak to start the process at least 30 minutes in hot water. This organic combo helps to break down the dye used in comp tans and will soften the skin.

Add 4oz of Bath Soak to a hot bath and stir until dissolved. Hot bath soak water acts as an exfoliate and helps to speed the removal process

Relax and soak in the hot bath soak water an additional 15 minutes to further soften the skin and jump-start the exfoliating process.

Using an exfoliating mitt gently rub your skin in a circular motion. When a comp tan is applied to the skin, it deposits a dye that adheres to dead skin cells. Exfoliating skin helps to remove the dead skin cells and with them, the comp tan. A gentle circular motion helps to mask any dark streaks where more pigment may have been deposited during the sunless tanning process. Up and down or side to side movements may worsen streaking.

Apply shower scrub to wet washcloth and gently massage your skin to remove the remainder of the dye that the bath soak and exfoliate might have missed. Rinse often and repeat until the majority of the spray tan is removed.

Finally, towel dry and gently rub fresh lemon slices across any streaks left behind. Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent and will usually lift any lingering or stubborn spray tan residue.


Tips: Allow yourself plenty of time to remove your comp tan. You’ll need at least an hour to complete the above steps.

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