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Sunless Tans vs Summer Heat

During the summer is the most popular time to get an airbrush tan or weekly applications of your favorite self tanner, however it can also be very tricky to keep your tan looking flawless! From attending outside concerts to backyard barb-b-que to romantic weddings in the middle of summer, everyone wants their tan to look amazing the whole time. How do you make sure your sunless tan lasts and doesn’t fade in the extreme heat? Stay in the shade, read a book and relax! If you have to live your life…then these are some tricks to help. Everyone’s skin is different and what works for others might not work for you. Keep trying!!! Rule number 1 is to stay cool while your spray tan is processing. The original solution takes a full 8 hours to develop, and showering or sweating before the full processing time can cause the tan to not process completely and it might end up fading faster. - Avoid that Happy Hour in the sun sitting on a wicker chair, the lines on the chair can leave lines in the tan that will last after you shower

- Dont go and do all your gardening..not only will you sweat, but you will get dirty and want to rinse off before the tan has fully processed.

- Dont go on the boat…even if you think that you wont get wet…you are in the water, there is a chance

- Be sure to take a hankerchief and blot to keep from sweating too much 

Rule number 2 is that water and sweat naturally exfoliate your dead skin cells and since that is what the sunless tan adhears to then your tan is likely to fade prematurely the more you are in the water. Rule number 3…some people just need to get their tan more often. With our unlimited packages you can come in every four days or so if needed for a touch up. After a few times though it is a good idea to completely scrub off the tan residue and start with clean skin. (use our Exfoliation Glove for the best results) Rule number 4 use a touch up product. We have fantastic products that are best used either at night or during the day that will help your tan last longer under heat and water and other summer activities. - Oh That Glow Sunless Tanning Mousse should be used at night to add a little color and glow to the areas that fade first (hands, face, feet, and in the summer often under the breasts and underarms)

- Oh That Glow Sunless Gradual Tanning Lotion can be used during the day, there is a light tint to it so it won't rub off and ruin your clothes. 

These simple tricks might help your tan last a little longer and look better in this summer weather. I hope that was helpful, if you have tips we would love to hear about them. 

Tan Tip contributions by Island Glow & Flawless Beauty Bar 

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