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TAN TIP: Product Build-Up Awareness

 We all love to look and feel our best in a perfect tan.  As many of us are aware the sun and tanning beds not only damage our skin prematurely, it is also the #1 leading cancer that kills. So, we begin to search for any and all sunless tanning options: Spray Tans and Self Tanners. Lucky for all of us, the formulas have come a long way of gorgeous colors to select from. 

FACT: if we could keep our sunless tan stay as dark as it is on day 1-4 we would be the happiest people on the planet. However, this isn't the case which means you have to "Plan your tan". What I mean is you need to know how to prep, be tan, take care of the tan, and repeat. 

Prepping for your sunless tan involves of exfoliating (removing dead dry skin) and detoxing (clearing pores of impurities) to remove product build-up before your fresh sunless tan. If you skip this step, you risk a blotchy, uneven result which has nothing to do with the spray tanner or the product they offer to clients. We suggest to begin this prep process 48hrs prior to tanning to give the skin and pores time to close, renew, and replenish. This means you will more than likely have to be "the white girl" for 24-48hrs. 

There are several products in the market that you can choose to prep for your sunless tan. Island Glow offers: 

- Organic Bath Soak: seaweed salt mixture to remove all product/dry skin in 30min 

- Exfoliating Mitt: to gently remove product/dry skin 

We've got the steps you need for proper use and all the info on these amazing must-have products found in our online store. 

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