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Look Better Naked!

Have you ever had the best spray tan of your life only to still hate those dreaded “even darker” moles, sunspots and scars?  Total confidence killer, right!!  Let me share one of our “Best Kept Secrets” we will share all the way from Hollywood by our bestie, Katie Quinn, Hollywood A-list Spray Tanner ..... “Moles and sun spots can over-absorb colour if left alone. I use one dab of ELF's Studio Lip Lock pencil or NYX eyebrow wax pencil in the centre of each mole and it protects the area from getting too much colour. Just be careful – too much wax and you'll end up with a halo "void" of missing colour around the mole!”

So now you can feel and look better naked after getting a fresh spray tan. Oo la la is how you should feel!!  

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