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Eyelash Extensions: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s & Don’ts of eyelash extensions, general rules to follow when you get them for the first time and tricks we’ve learned along the way with personal experience with them (hope you find this helpful). 

THE DO’S: -Only use products that are oil-free. That means face wash, makeup removers, moisturizer, eye cream, etc. -Get a silk pillowcase (especially if you sleep on your side or stomach). Not only is silk gentler on your face and lashes, but it’s better for your skin and hair too! – Gently brush out your lashes with a clean mascara after getting them wet so they don’t clump together. This is especially important if you have tube lashes like I do. -Take Biotin and/or Lash Boost by Rodan & Fields (or another hair/nail/skin supplement). Strong lashes translate to longer lasting eyelash extensions. THE DON’TS: -Don’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after getting your extensions. My lash stylist advised me to come to my appointment without any makeup on so that there was no need to wash it off at the end of the day. Every time I’ve gotten them filled I’ve stuck to this advice and I highly suggest it. -No heat or steam for at least 24 hours, that means exercise, grilling, blow drying hair, tanning, etc. The steam and moisture can loosen the adhesive that’s keeping your lashes on. After 24 hours the bond should be solid and moisture won’t bother them. -Don’t curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, it could pull out your extension. -Don’t rub your eyes or pull on your lashes. -No waterproof makeup…especially eyeliner! I’m sure if you use waterproof face makeup it 

wouldn’t be a problem as long as you keep it away from your lashes.

We didn’t want to just share the do’s and don’ts of eyelash extensions we wanted to share a little more advice learned along the way also…It’s advised not to put mascara on your eyelash extensions, but our stylist let’s us know that in the few days leading up to a filling you may need to add a little bit of mascara so that your extensions blend into your real lashes better. Usually about 5-7 days before you get lashes filled you may have to use mascara, and even though your extensions are sparse at this point a little bit of mascara can go a LONG way, it makes your lashes (real & fake) look amazing!! Make sure your mascara is NOT waterproof and I suggest making sure it’s easily removable so you’re not rubbing your eyes to get it off (I use this one and have had great results!) 

Frequently Asked Eyelash Extension Questions: How long do they take to get? 

Your initial appointment will take around 1 1/2 hours depending on what type of lashes you get and how full you get them. Refill appointments usually take around 30-60 minutes. 

How long do they last?

It depends on the person and how quickly your natural lashes fall out, but mine last between 3 & 4 weeks. Be sure to book your fluff (refill) before leaving because our calendar stays full. 

Does it hurt when you get them put on? 

Not at ALL! We are not going to lie it’s a little strange at first because you’ve probably never had someone play with your eyelashes before, but after you get over the initial feeling it’s very relaxing. You may doze off while getting them filled. You’re laying down, music is playing and your eyes are closed the entire time, it’s hard not to feel relaxed.

What type of eyelash extensions do you have?We offer Lavish Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. They are synthetic lashes that are thicker near the root and thinner on the tips like your natural lashes. We offer: 

- Classic Lashes 

- Volume Lashes 

- Color & Glitter Lashes 

- Latex Free & Sensitive Lashes 

Will your lashes get damaged?

We suggest to follow our instructions to maintain your lashes. We also know that Rodan & Fields “Lash Boost” is safe to use with your extensions and will continue to keep natural lashes safe and strong to prevent damage and will allow the extension to bond easier (link to order Lash Boost listed below). 

I’m warning you, you’ll get addicted! We never thought we would love eyelash extensions as much as we do, but we are obsessed and can’t imagine not having them. 

Before your first appointment schedule a consultation with your lash stylist so she can see your lashes and advise you on the best eyelash extensions for you - She is trained/certified to customize your set to compliment your face, eye shape and natural lashes!

Feel free to email us with any questions at Contact@islandglowva.com 

Order Lash Boost by Rodan & Fields at https://rachaelwalters.myrandf.com 

Order Oil-Free Eyemakeup Remover at www.glow-cosmeticsbymichelle.com 

📝 Jackie Giardina and Island Glow contributed Do’s and Don’ts Article  

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