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Competition Tan Process

The Competition Tanning Process & Tips

Island Glow is a professional competition spray tan company offering our athletes a VIP service that makes spray tanning simple and stress-free.  Our goal is to give you the best flawless tan that you'll be proud of on the stage as well as for those selfies and photos you'll be taking lots of. 

When you arrive on Friday (or day before competition) we suggest you “self tan” at least TWO SHADES darker than your normal skin tone - it makes your necessary competition shade so much more easier to achieve.  It gives us a base tan to build from without over saturating the skin (which results in too much required dry time and increases chances of flaws).  We don't recommend tanning beds for this process - because how many tans will it truly take for you to get to "Two Shades Darker" than natural skin tone without frying your skin?  We recommend our Competition Self Tanning Mousse that you can apply at home because it was created simply for this one goal in mind.  You can purchase this from our online store.


Waxing or shaving should be undertaken before your spray tan to ensure skin is not inflamed and pores are closed. 

Male Competitors:  Wax 72 hours prior to your tan and shave 24- 48 hours prior to your tan

Female Competitors:  Wax 48 hours prior to your tan and shave 8- 12 hours prior to your tan


Exfoliating is an important step in the preparation process.  It is recommended you get into the practice of exfoliating your skin once a week leading up to the competition.   Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin a vital step in the preparation process.  Exfoliate using the Glow Body Exfoliating Mitt to achieve the best possible preparation. It is important you pay particular attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and heels. Do not use any oil based scrubs as these will negatively impact on your competition tan.  Also, best way to exfoliate is on dry skin.  Step into tub or shower, use exfoliating mitt to gently exfoliate.  Shower once done.


We recommend that you start getting your tan on by applying our Competition Self Tanning Mousse with our application mitt.  Be sure to apply Thursday night, sleep in and shower off with warm water on Friday morning.  Shower no less than 4 hours prior to your tan to ensure your skin is FREE of ANY product, such as: make-up, deodorant, lotions, moisturisers, perfumes or sprays. These products can create a barrier against the tan developing properly. Pat skin dry.  It is also recommend that you wash your hair at this time do not use products that contain sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) as it can leave residue on the skin and negatively impact on your tan.  Use a clear nail polish to seal fingernails and toenails this ensures no discolouration occurs.  Bring along to your tanning session loose, dark clothing to wear after you receive your spray tan. Tight clothes can rub against your tan, leading to inferior results.  On hot days it is recommend you bring a towel for the seat of your car to prevent any bronzer from rubbing onto your car’s seats in high temperatures,  Be sure to also bring dark sheets and pillow cases to sleep on so you won't stain the hotel linens.  Island Glow's  spray tanning solution is machine washable.  NOTE:  Females be prepared to tan in the nude - Men must wear a sock (at bare minimum).


Our tanning professionals will apply your base tan in most cases this will be done using our RAPID spray tan formula in our sunless tanning collection.  This is a dark violet based spray tan that will provide a great base coat or "skin stain" that you can shower off in four hours.  We may also apply a PH Balance spray  prior to your tan if you have been sweating to address any skin PH issues.


Please be sure you understand our recommendations post-tan:  Avoid water, heat, exercise and any tasks that may cause your body to overheat and sweat.  If you need to wash your hands try to use a sanitizing hand wash versus water - in fact, we recommend that before you go to bed, take a wet washcloth and clean off palms so that anything you touched (your tan) will not stain your palms overnight.  Avoid exposing yourself to different temperatures as this too will cause you to perspire particularly on very hot days.  Be sure to set the room temperature a little lower so that you don't get too warm while you sleep.  


When you wake up you will have a beautiful dark base tan.  We recommend that you lightly rinse your body under a tepid shower for 30 seconds and pat dry you are now ready for additional coats of tan to be added.  This allows the bronzer to rinse off the skin to prevent any product build up day of competition.  Product build up is challenging to spray several coats of new tan on and may give you a hard time drying.  Note: Washing of your hair should be done prior to you first tanning appointment. Residue from your shampoo can negatively impact on your tan.  Typically, 3-4 coats of competition tan will be applied.  Skin type plays an important role in determining how may layers to add.  You don't want to be too dark and for sure not too light either.  Island Glow offers our WINNING dark mahogany based tan to look your best while under the bright stage lights.  You need time to dry thoroughly so plan on staying at least 30 minutes.  Be sure to wear super dark clothes or silk robe (females) after tan is applied.  Do not exercise, swim, take a shower, enter a sauna or immerse yourself in a pool until after the competition is over. *TIP: use straw to drink any liquids and use a pee cup to prevent any liquid dripping on tan.


Be prepared to require assistance from the tanning professionals behind the stage (unless we have provide you oil/gloves) or your coach for bikini bite and/or oil glaze.  Unfortunately, Island Glow is not authorized to be back stage and will not be able to assist you unless we are scheduled to stay all day.  Be sure to ask your tanning professional for any oil recommendations if you will be supplying your own product.  


After the competition is over you can shower to  return to a normal but slightly tan  skin tone.  If you truly want to remove the competition tan, we recommend you take a hot bath for 30 minutes, add bubble bath and epsom salt, use your exfoliating mitt and remove your tan.

Purchase your PRE TAN MOUSSE at www.islandglowva.com (Comp Tan Mousse/Mitt)

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