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Contour Your Body With Makeup & Self Tanners

While the self-tanning method to getting a faux toned body works wonderfully, if you aren't a self-tanning enthusiast you can still use makeup to create or enhance the same body contouring effects. Just know that these tips won't stand the test of time or work for a day at the beach, but they will work to make your body appear more toned and leaner. Makeup Artist, Michelle Walters points out that you can use liquid bronzer much like a self-tanner to create lines and muscle definition on your body. Start by making sure you are able to see the areas of your body you will be exposing that day (so obviously if you're wearing a long sleeve mini dress, you'll only use a liquid bronzer on your legs). Next stand under an overhead light, as this will allow you to see where the natural shadows exist on your body. On your arms: hold one arm out and flex your muscles. Use a liquid bronzer like, Glow Cosmetics Face & Body Bronzer $24.99 and paint in the sideline between your bicep and triceps using a foundation brush to blend. Repeat on the other arm.

On your chest: Using a foundation brush and liquid bronzer, paint into the shadows around your clavicle bone.

On your legs: Put on high heels, as this will naturally flex your calf muscles, and paint the shadows created under your muscles again with the liquid bronzer and foundation brush to accentuate them. You can also use makeup to contour your face, giving it an all over slimmer look, says Michelle. Below are his face-thinning tricks. To create a more defined jaw line: Stand under an over head light and look straight into a mirror (don't lift your chin). Apply a foundation or bronzer powder by Glow Cosmetics that's one to two shades darker than your natural coloring to the under side of your jaw with a large powder brush, tracing the lines of your jawbone. Don't use bronzer for this as most contain shimmer that will standout and look unnatural.

To create defined cheekbones: Use a the same bronzing powder or switch to a liquid bronzer to brush up the undersides of your cheekbones with a contouring brush. Use a slightly upward vertical stroke (as opposed to the horizontal stroke or circular stroke we use to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks) when you sweep under the roundest part of your cheeks. Bonus tip: If you have big, full cheeks, avoid wearing light shimmery blush -- it will make them look even fuller.

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