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Airbrush Spray Tan vs. Booth Spray Tan

During the booth tan, you'll be alone inside and voice prompts will instruct you how to stand as automated jets mist you from head to toe. If you opt for an airbrush tan, a trained technician will be with you and spray you using a handheld device. Although both will result in a natural, even color, there are some subtle differences that might lead you to choose one over the other: Custom Airbrush Tans Pros: more even coverage, customization and attention to detail, and longer lasting than booth tans. Cons: getting (almost) naked with a stranger, pricier than automatic spray tans, and you’ll have tan lines. Booth Spray Tans Pros: private (you’re in a booth aline), less expensive than airbrush tans, and typically take faster—takes only a few minutes from start to finish. Cons: more risk for error because it’s up to you to follow the directions, less color customization, more potential for uneven coverage. 

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