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Get Rid Of Tan Lines For Prom

“I have prom exactly 2 weeks from now and I have tan lines from my softball shorts & sports bra. I am wearing a strapless dress for prom and I hate these tan lines. How can I get rid of them or even them out without fake baking (but will that really work anyway)? Option #1 - find the BEST experienced airbrush tan artist in town and book her now! Plan on visiting her twice in same week as your prom:

4  days prior to prom to have her airbrush tan just the white part of the tan line (your skin that didn’t get tan)

1-2 days prior to your prom for the full body spray tan to blend those tan lines perfectly

Option #2 Use a sunless tanning lotion or mousse (same theory of Application):

When applying the lotion to the skin, be sure to evenly blend it into the areas where there are tan lines 4 days prior to prom. (Keep in mind that self-tanning lotions/mousseshould not be applied to areas of skin which are prone to sweating, such as the underarms. Self-tanning lotion may stain the dress dress if sweating does occur).

Apply self tanning lotion/mousse 1-2 days prior to prom for a full body tan and blend those tan lines perfectly

WARNING ⚠️ don’t apply the full body tan until all games and/or practices are done for the week - or your sports bra will remove the tan (due to sweat)! TIP: If tan lines can’t seem to be covered, remember that you will look beautiful in your prom dress no matter what! Book our artists today at www.islandglowva.com Services: • Airbrush Spray Tans • Self Tanning Mousse • Makeup & Hair • In-Studio and Mobile Services 

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