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3 Tips For Tanning In Hot Summer Weather

Oh here we go .... we went from Winter to Summer in a blink of an eye. Where did Spring go? We all know that spray tanning in wet weather can potentially mark and damage your tan, but did you know that spray tanning in excessively hot weather can be equally as damaging to the fresh tan you have been planning for weeks to get.

You can end up with a spray tan that has developed patchy or uneven due to sweating before the solution has had a chance to even be absorbed by the skin. With the extreme heat we are starting to experience in Richmond, VA his week, I thought it might be useful to share my top tips for tanning in hot weather.

Tip #1: Don't shower right before your tan

When the skin is hot, it's natural mechanism is to cool the body down, so not only do you sweat but the skin won't absorb anything, especially something as light as spray tan solution. This is why you should be allowing at least a couple of hours after showering before a spray tan is applied. Not only can the water change the pH levels of the skin but our body temperature can rise slightly too.

Tip #2: Stay cool

Tanning studio's are usually kept cool with the use of air conditioning and fans, but it's when you leave the studio that can be the issue, especially if you have a walk back to the car, and a drive home. It doesn't take long for the body to start sweating, and in turn for the tan to run. The use of a talc-based powder on the body will only work so much, it definitely helps, but doesn't completely control the problem, especially in excessively hot weather. Stay cool, to and from your appointment, or if you're tanning at home, have the room cooled before and after your spray tanning application.

Tip #3: Tan in the early morning or late afternoon

Try not to tan when it is excessively hot. The body naturally sweats, the tan runs and your body simply wont absorb the solution. My advice to you is to take precautions coming to and from the studio, (or if tanning at home, have the house cooled). If your skin is hot before we start tanning, you will end up with a patchy result or very little tan colour. Your best option is to move your appointment to a time late in the afternoon or evening once the weather has cooled down. Also, remember to pat and not rub the sweat away with a hand towel or sweat rag --- at least you can keep the tan in tact and not wipe it completely off.

So to keep things super easy for you... shower 2-3 hours before tanning, stay super cool and leave your tanning till the weather has cooled down! It may be a good idea to always have your FAV self tanner lotion or mousse on the bathroom shelf so at any given time, you need to touch up you've got it!

Stay Glowining,


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