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How To Get A Natural Looking Faux Glow When You Are A Ginger

Tanning is typically important part of summer for a large percentage of the world, but a little tricky for redheads. Most can sit in the sun twice as long as anyone else and guess what, they still stay pale. Or if not pale, then probably pale to lobster, and then back to pale again. But what if there was a spray tan or a self tanner that was designed with redheads in mind so they too can enjoy a summer glow? Freckles are inevitable, but how about going off-white, just for a change?

Sitting out in the sun is off limits for all sorts of health reasons, but that doesn’t mean the helpful hand of fake tan can’t be of use. I know, I know, you’re probably picturing streaky orange legs and dirty, patchy elbows, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve rounded up some of our TOP TIPS on how to get a soft, subtle tan that work well for redheads. After all, we shouldn’t make it too easy for non-redheads when they hold their arms up to ours to make themselves feel tanned. Let’s give them a run for their money.

Top tips: before applying these products, exfoliate and moisturise your skin the day before. This will make sure the fake tan doesn’t cling to the drier patches of skin (namely elbows, knees, etc). When applying for the first time, do so in a thin layer so you can judge the darkness, or mix the lotion with your regular moisturiser to further lighten the shade. Use a baby wipe or piece of tissue to rub off any accidental fake tanning from any body parts where people wouldn’t normally tan, such as the underside of your forearms, palms of your hands and between your toes.

Let's find the best shade: Like choosing your cosmetics for the perfect skin finish, choosing your tanning solution is important to tailor the color base to your coloring and skin tone. The best tan for a redhead is dramatically different than a tan you would use as a brunette or blonde. Redheads must be careful with their self tans because of their complexion.

#1: The Tanning Shade/Depth

Every redheaded beauty who tans must choose a shade that is going to do justice to her freckles and skin tone. Matching your color base can be selected by matching your original skin tones to give you the most natural looking tan without the ‘orange’ look. Though, redheads have to take extra care when choosing their tan’s colour base in order to keep their beautiful red-orange hair as the star of the show (and avoid the dreaded orange complexion)!

Nearly all ladies with red hair have very light skin. Their skin is much better served by a very soft shade of the tanning mixture, and the tanning artist should do a small patch on the tanner’s hand to find the right shade. The Level 1 Spray Tan of Island Glow works best for redheads with very pale, reddy or ivory skin tones. It contains a violet undertone with Mocha Chocolate finish that looks very soft, subtle and gives a natural glow. The Gradual Tanning Lotion in our self-tanning line would be the best choice for redheads. With the same mocha chocolate color, this product allows you to build a color over a period of several days to reach the perfect shade for you. We call it "chocolate pudding" because that's what it looks like, but it is a very thin consistency that allows you to control the depth of color.

Every redhead that wants to achieve a great faux-glow complexion must follow these tips to get the best out of their tan. A lady with red hair and freckles must do justice to her highly sought-after hair colour, her freckles and her naturally light ski

Happy tanning or staying perfectly pale – whichever you choose, we approve of both! xoxo, Island Glow

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