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Get Bare Naked, Sweat Resistant Tan

It can be really easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of self-tanning products on the market today. There are organic products, synthetic, products with guide color, lotions, mousses, gels, and so much more. So I totally understand feeling overwhelmed when it comes to picking the right product for your skin and your lifestyle.

Over the past 11 years, Island Glow has researched and developed our own sunless tanning collections with a mastermind chemist, who spent his career working at a major international cosmetic/skin care company and to offer them to our amazing clients, I have factored in a ton of stuff, including:

  • Price

  • Quality

  • Ease of application

  • How well it holds up against sweat.

And so much more…I’ll be going into a bit more depth about how self-tanning products work, and how sweat can affect them. I’ll also go over some tips for how to

make your tan last and look great the whole time. Ok, enough wasting your time, let’s share the good news.....Island Glow has created Central Virginia's FIRST sweat resistant professional airbrush and automated booth spray solution plus a self tanning mousse!

I am partial for what we will call BARE NAKED. Not just because it is just a great product, but mostly because it is one of the only products on the market specifically formulated to be sweat resistant, and have lasting color workout after workout. This product specifically is a 1-4 hour tan formula, so it’s meant to give you a great tan very quickly. You’ll still follow all the normal tanning procedures that I always about in my tan tip blogs, but this product is made to give you a tan much faster than normal. So basically, this sweat resistant formula has been designed to allow sweat to 'pass through the tan' instead of removing it and contains caffeine to help to improve skin tightness.

Although any DHA spray tan and self-tanner will do a pretty good job sticking to your skin if you are well moisturized and keep chemicals away from your skin, the Island Glow Bare Naked Sweat Resistant sunless tan has a specific formulation that allows perspiration to pass directly through the tanning product, minimal to zero streaking, and reducing it’s color or causing it to fade. So with this product at least, you absolutely won’t have to worry about it sweating off.

The way this product is designed, you can choose how dark you want the color by simply waiting longer to shower (don’t leave this one on overnight). You can leave it on 1 hour for a natural tan, 2 hours for a dark tan, and 3 hours for a darker tan. Most claim that the product helps gives a more tanned physique. Overall, this is a great spray tan and/or self tanner if you’re looking for something that will last in the short-term against your workouts.

You can give this new sunless tan a try! Book a sunless tan, whether by airbrush (by our talented artists) or in our automated spray booth. If you don't live local, you can order this self tanning foam (mousse) in our online store. Got a favorite tanning salon in your home town, let them know our Bare Naked Sweat Resistant Professional Solutions are available for purchase to offer their clients. This product is really easy to apply and use and does a great job whether your a fitness junkie or just like to get your daily sweat on. If you’re looking to give it a try, the best place to experience it is www.islandglowva.com

Alright, now that we’ve spilled the tea on our NEW Bare Naked sweat resistant spray tans & self-tanner, let’s talk a little bit about how you can make ANY fake tan last through each and every workout.

How To Keep Your Self Tan Looking Great Workout After Workout

Your decision to use a sunless tanning product is healthy and smart one. You are saving your skin and protecting your body. However, maintaining a fake tan can be a bit of hassle sometimes, especially if you’re regularly hitting the gym! So here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure your tan lasts and keeps looking great.

1. Give It Time To Develop

This one is certainly the most important. Remember that the active ingredient in most self-tanning products is a color additive called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When this chemical touches dead skin cells a chemical reaction occurs that ultimately darkens the outer layer of your skin, simulating a tan. This differs from traditional tanning with the sun or a tanning bed, because those methods actually create pigment in the lower layer of your skin that lasts much longer.

It takes a while for this chemical reaction process to happen, which is why many people prefer to leave their self-tanner on overnight. Immediately after applying self-tanner is when it is most vulnerable to disruption. Sweat, moisture, rubbing, and other things can cause the self-tanner to become blotchy or streaky if it hasn’t had time to fully develop. Keep in mind, our Bare Naked Sweat Resistant self-tanner will be in an express formula, which means you can rinse off in 1-4 hours vs. the standard 8 hours.

2. Moisturize Dry skin is the enemy of your self-tan. The tan color lives on those dead skin cells, so the longer you can keep them the longer your tan will last, and the better it will look. This is why moisturizing is SO important. Moisturizing your skin before a workout is even more important. This will help protect your skin from sweat and moisturize and keep your color locked in.

3. Change Your Clothes

If possible, as soon as your done with your workout, try to change out of your sweaty clothes, especially if they are tight fitting. The rubbing of sweaty clothes against your skin can cause the tan to fade unevenly, leaving your skin looking blotchy or streaky. So, try to take a clean pair of sweats and a t-shirt with you to wear home until you can hop in the shower. As an alternative, if your gym has a shower you can just do that!


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