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Ok Girls, I am FINALLY going to do this little thing......

Happy Sunday Eve girls! Today I am sharing to you and the universe that I am FINALLY going to get my @$! in gear and finish launching my makeup line. It should have been ready in March 2023 but the salons have experienced 400% growth in staff and volume .... and while I used to think I was "Superwoman" I have realized I am just a "Woman". I have the same time as everyone else and there are days I just seem to run out of it. Ha ha

But, we are fully staff now in all the salons so I am going back to my little 200 year old "She Shed" located in Powhatan VA and get back to work. I need to upload everything to the online store, take marketing photos and schedule some private appointments with women who want to learn how to apply makeup.

But for now, here is a great Creme Bronzer that you will love for the summer months. I personally think it functions better and longer than powder bronzer! You can purchase it online today too.

How to apply cream bronzer step-by-step

  1. Take a little cream bronzer either onto your fingertips or onto a fluffy brush.

  2. Apply the bronzer to the skin, one side of the face at a time.

  3. With the remaining product on your fingers or brush, sweep a little bronzer across the centre of your nose, and the middle of your chin.

  4. Set it in place with finishing powder.

Creme Bronzer

Be sure follow my Instagram for more tips, photos and new releases of all of my FAV makeup must-haves @glownglamhouse


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