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Best Box of Chocolates You’ll Get

Happy Valentines Day and nothing is better than receiving with your very own box of chocolates with zero calories!!!  Your February Glow Box is filled with our most popular tan-at-home kit. We want you to learn how to use everything so you can be extremely comfortable and happy with your purchase. Here is our very best tips listed below of what you’ll find in your Glow Box: 1. Glow Body Butter “White Chocolate Mint” is an organic skincare treatment that delivers 16 hours of mega hydration to your skin. We suggest to apply immediately after first rinse as well as every morning and night before bed. Keep in mind: the more hydration you can give your skin the darker and longer your tan will hold color. 

2. Glow Bath Bar “White Chocolate Mint” is an organic shower/bath soap bar that is packed full of Argan oil as well as locally raised goat milk that feels light and fresh plus adds hydration into the skin during use. We recommend that you lather up to shave to protect your tan and prevent from fading too early. 3. Oh That Glow RapidTanning Mousse in “Dark Chocolate Mocha” is basically a faster process self tanner that you can rinse off in 2 (light tan), 3 (medium dark), or 4 (dark) hours. I bet you will be surprised that it will deliver a quick-to-tan, fast to dry and no smell formula. Our mousse will provide a soft, natural chocolate mocha tan that will absolutely make you smile because of how it looks. Our Self Tanning Mousse is packed with coffee as a skin toning and cellulite tightening ingredient that most women love. Our self tanner can be applied from head to toe and we recommend applying Waugh our velvet Tanning mitt to prevent stained hands and streaking. Be sure to: • Exfoliate 48hrs prior and shave day of tan • Be sure to shake well • Apply on legs first then use leftover on mitt to apply on feet as well as in between toes • Apply on stomach, chest and back area • Apply on arms, shoulders then use leftover to apply on hands and in between fingers • Use mitt or small sponge to apply on face • Use blow dryer to dry thoroughly before putting on dark, loose clothes • Use baby wipe to wipe of tan on inside of palms • Leave tan on for 8 hours then shower off with warm water (do not use soap on first rinse). Apply body butter immediately after. • Your fresh tan will continue to darken in color over the next 48hrs. 

4.  Body Buddy Applicator is our FAV to be sure we can apply the self tanner on your backside. 

• Shake self tanner and pump product twice into the middle of body buddy

• Hold each handle in each hand and carefully turn over while positioning mitt to your backside 

• Apply self tanner by a smooth back-and-forth motion to each area

• Repeat until finished

• Wipe down body buddy with damp cloth 

• Fold to store 

Enjoy your February Glow Box!! You should be able to use every week (up to 4 uses) which will give you a gorgeous winter GLOW until your next box arrives.  

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