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No More Fake Baking

Island Glow believes and stands by one of the most important messages we can share.......share we need to protect skin from the sun. And we practice what we preach. But just because we avoid the sun doesn’t mean we’re willing to sport an unfashionable pasty white finish. So instead of "fake baking" our skin, we achieve a tropical-inspired GLOW with our new secret beautiful … “Oh That Glow” Self Tanning Mousse. Our product is a special blend of a dark chocolate tropical tan, pop of caramel for a beautiful glow plus infusion of coffee beans to add a skin tightening bonus. 4.2oz which allows 2-3 full body tans. We love our product so much and want you to love it too.....we’d like to share our BEST tips for achieving an even, mess-free faux-tan: - Take a shower and use an e foliating mitt to exfoliate every part of your body where you will be applying your Self Tanning Mousse. *Note: If you shave your legs, do so before applying the mousse (shaving after you apply will reduce the life of your glow).  -Next, use a body lotion on tops of hands, knees, elbows, toes, toenails, heels and ankles to prevent the Self Tanning Mousse from concentrating in those areas where skin is thickest. To avoid orange palms, use our protective application mitt or simply remember to wash your hands immediately after applying the mousse. * Be sure you have wiped off deodorant before applying - If you do make a mistake, Dawn liquid soap, lemon juice + sugar scrub, acetone or nail polish remover can be used to remove any unintended color. - Allow Self Tanning Mousse to dry to the touch before getting dressed. If you can wait 15 minutes before getting dressed, that’s even better. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing over your sunless tan to allow color to develop evenly and prevent streaks. If you’d like a little more personal pampering, dust body with our “Oh That Glow” Body Shimmer Powder. - Finally, understand that color develops in 1-8 hours (depending which formula you applied) and will continue to darken for an additional 48 hours as the proteins in your body respond to the color-inducing ingredients in  Self Tanning Mousse. It's a good idea to apply  Self Tanning Mousse at bedtime, sleep in loose fitting pajamas and then shower in the morning. 

- Shower with warm water,  no soaps or shaving. Towel dry by patting, not rubbing. Begin to apply approved body butter or pure coconut oil immediately after and thereafter morning and night. 

- Extend the life of your faux glow an additional 5-7 days with our “Oh That Glow” Tan Extender. Apply all over body starting on Day 3. Apply every other day. 

Purchase all of our products on our online store.  Recommended Products:

- Oh That Glow Self Tanning Mousse  - Bath Bar (no streaks or early fading) - Body Butter (no streaks or early fading + extra hydration)

- Oh That Glow Tan Extender Lotion - Oh That Glow Ultra Drying Body Shimmer (dries quick, smells amazing & enhances tan) Wishing you a streak-free, beautiful sunless glow, Island Glow 

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