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How To Wear Shimmer This Holiday Season

Applying gives your face subtle glow and would give you gorgeous look for evening parties or get together. There is never a day I get dressed without wearing either a liquid shimmer bronzer or dusting a powder shimmer on face and shoulders. Here are my best tips before opting for any shimmer: 1️⃣ Select right shimmer :– In comparison to day time, evening or night is best time to apply shimmer and apart from that also analyse your outfit color. Select your shimmer accordingly. 2️⃣ Shimmer texture:- Shimmer comes in powder, liquid and cream texture. Powder shimmer easily blends in comparison to other texture. If you are using powder texture then brush is enough to blend it . If you are using liquid texture then use your figure first to blend it followed up by little powder shimmer. 3️⃣ Complexion:- Skin complexion matters a lot. For example sliver shimmer looks great on medium skin tone and bronze looks perfect on fair, dark or wheatish skin tone. 4️⃣ Natural look:- If you wants to look natural then select shimmer which matches your skin tone. 5️⃣ Consider your age:- Shimmer is not just for teenagers. Women of any age can use it and can hide fine wrinkles. For example you can hide cheek wrinkles and few lower eyelid wrinkles using shimmer. 5️⃣ How to apply shimmer:-

• Dip a puffy makeup brush into your shimmer container

• Keep your shimmer brush separate. • Use shimmer after blush:- Always apply blush first then apply shimmer on it. • Blend it properly:- After selecting the right shimmer always blend it well as it gives you shinning. Highlight your cheeks point and your cheeks should not be lighter than your face • Use it minimal:– Always use it at night, or candle light occasion. Never use shimmer with glitter dress. Use shimmer only a bit on cheeks and on your eyes. You can apply very little shimmer on your shoulders too!

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