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DIY Sexy Arms In 5 Minutes

Somewhere by now (probably at some hole-in-the-wall dive bar full of frat guys) you’ve seen a muscle tee plastered with the saying “Sun’s out, gun’s out!” Well, we’re not saying you should wear this tank yourself, but when it’s warm outside, it does make sense to bare arms. If you’re planning to wear a tank top or sleeveless dress but feel like you may have skipped the gym a few too many times, we’ve got just the fix. Makeup pro Emma Willis of Contour Fossa shows us how to use make your arms look like you’ve been doing bicep curls for days. We’re all about a great workout routine, but we’ll tell you one thing — this shortcut is a whole lot easier. STEP 1: Flex your arm to find the natural lines of your biceps. Use your other hand to apply a light vertical line into the hollow of your muscle using Self Tanning Mousse or Spritzer with a wide fan brush.

STEP 2: While still flexing, identify where your bicep begins—this is usually 1-2 inches away from the inner bend of your arm. Apply a light shade of the same powder at an angle toward the elbow. Again, while flexing, place a similar mark where the muscle begins to meet the shoulder, angled upward toward the shoulder.

STEP 3: Use a blender to smooth out the lines so that you have a natural-looking muscle tone. Use a setting powder to ensure the makeup stays in place.

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