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Should You Get A Spray Tan For Wedding Day?

Are you considering a spray tan for your wedding day?


A pretty sunless glow before your wedding can highlight your gown, even out your skin tone, brighten your eyes and make your bridal makeup POP! If it’s done correctly a spray tan is the secret trick that puts the sparkle in your bridal beauty routine.

My name is Michelle and I am a professional spray tan artist with 10+ years of sunless experience and thousands of spray tans under my belt. My specialty is airbrush tanning for brides so let me help you plan your tan and answer all your questions.

Will a spray tan make me orange?

Not if you go to an experienced spray tan artist who is using a quality spray tan solution. There are some great spray tan solutions on the market. That being said they usually are fairly expensive and this will be reflected in the price that the spray tan artist is charging. This is not the time to shop for price. No $10 introductory new spray tan artist specials for your wedding, please. You are looking for quality and experience.

You can support your friends’ new business venture when there won’t be pictures involved. An experienced spray tan artist is going to have a great spray tan solution because she wants to make her clients happy and want to come back to her over and over again. And she is going to know exactly how to coach you through the pre-spray tan prep and the after spray tan aftercare.

Ask to see photos of the girls she has sprayed.

You can check out my gallery on our Instagram page (www.instagram.com/islandglowva)

I always recommend that you are looking for an independent spray tan business owner. She is going to have control over what products she uses and finding the best solution available will be her top priority.

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Will a spray tan work with my wedding makeup?

Here we are talking about your foundation color. You may need to get a different color of foundation for the perfect match for your new tan self. Go to a professional to have your color matched. Either with your professional makeup artist or if you are going to be doing your makeup get a foundation match from your preferred makeup line.

Should I have a spray tan trial before the wedding?

Absolutely yes, please!

If you have never had a spray tan before and you are not sure what to expect you should 100% get in for a trial run before the big day.

I recommend that you are coordinating your spray tan trial 2 days before your hair and makeup trial. This way you have a complete look and the perfect makeup color already chosen before your wedding date and there is nothing to worry or stress over.

It makes your life easier to have all of these details already worked out.

If you have already had your hair and makeup trial or you are pressed for time then 2 weeks before the wedding works fine. It gives plenty of time for the tan to completely fade away in case it’s not your thing and if you do love it then there is enough time for you to get another one without layering new tan on top of old, ensuring that you are perfectly bronzed for the big day.

Layer a fading tan with a fresh spray is not recommended for brides.

We need your skin looking flawless for your photos.

Often my brides are coming in for several tans leading up to the BIG day. Engagement photos, bridal shower, and bachelorette party are all great opportunities to experiment with color to get the perfect look for your wedding day.

Should I have my face sprayed and does my MUA have an opinion on this?

From a spray tan artist’s perspective I can spray your face or not and just blend up to the jawline and allow your MUA to take it from there. But I’m going to let you know, as a professional airbrush makeup artist, I love it when my bride does her pre-spray and then comes for her pre-bridal makeover two days later. This allows the color to settle into the skin and it will make her day of wedding makeup application go even smoother having the correct foundation shade already picked out. So if you are contemplating a spray tan for your wedding or special occasion I 100% say do it! There are guidelines that you do want to stick to but all in all the spray tan will make you feel so much better and give you that extra oomph of confidence. Plus whiter teeth, brighter eyes, and smoother skin are not such a bad thing either.

Want to know more about how a spray tan works with your makeup head over here to read more on that.

Takeaways on getting a spray tan for your wedding

Just like anything in life in the spray tan world you get what you pay for.

No one has ever said, “my spray tan was just ok”. It’s either the most horrible thing ever or the most amazing life-changing experience. So if you and your maids are going to get a spray tan for your wedding we want to go for life-changing!

That means that if you don’t have an amazing spray tan artist on speed dial already then you are going to have to do some research.

  • There are different spray tan solutions on the market (some are great, some are not) Look for someone that is using a custom blended solution. Stay away from the generic brands - ask your spray tan artist about a "Clear - Bronzer Free Spray Tan" which is the preferred tan so there will be zero transference onto your wedding dress, groom or anyone else you will be hugging

  • There is the spray tan technicians experience to consider (practice makes perfect) Can you see pictures of her work? How long has she been spraying? Does she have a professional reputation? How often does her name come up when you are looking for recommendations?

You are going to have to ask around. There is usually a go-to gal in each town. You know where the amazing salon is with the top-notch hairstylist, and the girl who is known to be the rock star of eyebrows, and the best colorist in town.

There is also the best spray tan artist - You just have to find her.

She is probably locked away in her spray room because she’s slammed with appointments.

Which leads to your next problem…….getting on her books once you do locate her. (wink)

photo credit: Olivia Diane Photography

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