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Glowing Through a Rough Year

We wanted to do something a little different for this month's blog. Its easy to put a smile on your face for social media and act like everything is peachy. In reality, this past year has been TOUGH. We sent out a survey and asked you about your struggles in hopes to share with people to let them know they are not the only one's who are going through some tough days. We asked our glow babes how their lives changed the most when COVID hit, and their answers are more relatable than you would think. We got real and deep and I can't wait to share with you ways that others have found their inner glow again.

Life is a roller coaster. Some days we feel like we have everything under control and feel we can tackle any challenge that comes our way. Then there are other days that no matter what we do, life’s events are out of our hands. COVID-19 was not something we could prepare for. One day life was normal, and the next day it flipped upside down. Businesses shut down, seeing family and friends turned into a challenge, social events suddenly didn’t exist, and every sense of normalcy disappeared. A change like that can affect people in ways we didn't think were possible and it became something that was hard to talk about, but believe it or not, more people are going through the same emotions that you’re feeling.

Adjusting to Life in the Pandemic

Sometimes it's nice knowing that you're not the only one struggling emotionally, mentally, or physically. This pandemic didn't just change people's social lives, it's a lot deeper than that. Single mother's became stronger since they had to find a new routine, teachers couldn't see their students everyday, family's couldn't see each other, so many people struggled financially and became unemployed, healthcare workers put their lives on the line, everything changed and people didn't know how to handle it, which really took a toll on people's mental health.

Mentally, it was a struggle for everyone to cope with the new life that no one saw coming. Some contracted COVID and didn't know if they would make it and some tragically lost loved ones. Feeling alone and being stuck inside made it easy to gain weight and cause self esteem to plummet. A lot of people said they noticed themselves feeling anxious or sad when they never have before. It's a crazy time, but just know you are not alone. ♡

Finding Your Inner Glow, Even When the Times are Tough

We asked some of you what you did to find happiness during these hard times and were sharing some of your answers to help other people get out of their rut. Many of you found it helpful to get back into your self care routines by getting a spray tan, getting your lashes, hair, and makeup done, finding ways to safely see your family and friends again, happy hour zoom calls, being active outside, getting a puppy, going on long drives, picking up a new hobby, or working out. There are so many things you can do to lift your spirits when you're feeling down. Personally, I found it helpful to stick to a routine and do little things that make me feel better each day, like making my bed, going on walks with my roommates, or spending time with my family.

This pandemic has taught everyone some valuable life lessons that we can take with us through life. Some of the most important ones that you gave us were to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life, spend time with your family and loved ones and make sure you tell them how much they mean to you, learn to love yourself, we are all in this together, live your life to the fullest, and be patient and flexible. Always remember that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Our Goal is to Lift Your Spirits, Boost Your Confidence, & Keep You Safe

We love every single one of our clients. It is so important to us that everyone that comes in our salons, leaves with a smile on their face and feeling confident. When we asked you if the beauty and spray tan industry has lifted your spirits during COVID, every person that responded said they feel their mood changes and they are so much happier when they are able to get their lashes done, brows done, and get a spray tan. It is our priority to be able to continue to keep you happy and glowing while also following all guidelines to keep you safe and healthy.

Hard Times Have Taught us Irreplaceable Lessons

Remember, it's okay to not be okay. We are all going through this together and know that these hard times are only making us stronger. I wanted to share a few of the life lessons that some of you have told us because I think we can all benefit from hearing them.

- "Take care of you. You can’t care for others if you can’t breathe. Give yourself a chance. Give yourself some you time. Live life and love your family."

- "Make time for yourself! It is extremely important and will keep you sane and appreciate you friends, family, and what you have!"

- "Everything will be okay and Brighter days are ahead and it’s in God's hands!!"

- "We can stand together and support each other and overcome any obstacle."

Keep your heads up babes!! We love you and are so thankful for each and everyone of you!!


Island Glow


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