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Quality Assured 

America's preferred tanning range offers beauties all over the country a luxurious perfect tanning brand and delivering a perfect mocha chocolate or dark chocolate sun-kissed Island Glow tan we know and love!  

Our brand features professional salon solutions, automated booth solutions, a specifically formulated competition tan, as well as personal at-home tanning products including gradual tanning lotions/mousse, self tanning mousse in both 8hr and rapid, self tanning mist, self tanning DHA drops, tan extender lotion, body was as well as a tan primer/remover.  We  have our own chemist that creates all of our products and our manufacturing facility is located in the USA for quick product development and shipping.  

We offer all products in wholesale (discounted price) as well as a Private Label.  As much as I have loved creating these products, offering them to all of our customers for over a decade I am releasing them to other spray tan companies - so that you too can offer something different than your local competition and giving you the "edge" that only your customers will be raving about all around town.   We offer to professional salons:

  • Professional Spray Tan Solutions (8hour, Express and Sweat Resistant

  • Professional Self Tanning Products (Mousse, Mist, Gradual Tanning Lotion)

  • Professional Skincare (Body Wash, Body Lotion)


When you join the IG Stockist Club, you will receive 15% discount on all orders as long as you order every six (6) months.


The Oh That Glow Tan ingredients are derived from our very own salon quality formula. All of our products are top quality , vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free.  No animal cruelty.


Developed and manufactured in the USA with skin tightening ingredients and mega hydration benefits, our fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blend is suitable for all skin types.

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