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Skincare:  Body Wash & Body Lotion

Skincare: Body Wash & Body Lotion


Transport your shower routine to the island with Island Glow's clean Hydrating Body Wash and Body Lotion. Packed with skin-loving, ultra-quenching ingredients.  This gel-based formula lathers up to a rich foam to get your bod squeaky clean - without stripping moisture.  


Also, If you hate waiting for heavy body lotion to fully absorb before you crawl into bed or put on pajamas, our body lotion is absolutely for you. The key here is that you can apply it right after the shower without needing to towel off!  It leaves skin utterly soft and absorbs immediately without any residue, so you can hop out of the shower, apply all over leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother, and smelling like our signature scent Butt Naked.  BONUS - it was designed for all sunless tanning lovers!  Won't fade away your fresh spray tan/self tanner!  


Universal for all ages too!

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