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Life, Love, & an Eternal Glow

Over the past 20 years, Island Glow has had the honor of of helping hundreds of brides feel beautiful on their wedding day. What started as a one woman team, led by Michelle, has now turned into a glam squad with talented artists and stylists that work together to make a bride's dreams come true on her special day. Island Glow has now turned into a powerful company that travels locally as well as different locations across the US and works with an average of 70 brides a year!

2020 was a rough year to say the least. COVID took a toll on many people. Loved ones were tragically lost and it changed the way we live our everyday lives. I believe one thing that got everyone through such a difficult year, is love. Love between friends, families, relationships, it held so many people together when they felt like falling apart. I can't think of a better way to reflect on love, than by sharing the stories of TWO of Island Glow's beautiful brides, since we couldn't pick just one!! On this Valentine's Day, we are going to share the two love stories of the Hazekamp's and the Lloyd's. What I adore so much about these weddings is the how different they are in style. We get to look at both D.C. glam and country chic!


Tyler & Emily Hazekamp

The Beginning of the Hazekamp's Forever

On a hot, August day in 2013 at a Washington Nationals baseball game, a mutual friend introduced Tyler and Emily. To say sparks were flying, would be an understatement. After enjoying a fun day with friends, they knew that could not be the last time they saw each other. Knowing he needed to see her again, Tyler asked Emily on a date, which took place at Vapiano's Italian Restaurant and they have been together ever since. Emily knew immediately that Tyler was "the one" after getting very sick with a virus. He never left her side and cared for her every step of the way which eventually led to him getting sick. If that's not love, I don't know what is! In that moment, Emily says, "I knew that if he could see me and still love me at my lowest of lows, he would be around forever."

Popping the Question

On May 27, 2017, Tyler and Emily went to lunch at the Del Frisco's Grill in Federal Triangle, which happened to be the place he first told her those three magical words, "I love you". After lunch, they had plans to attend a Washington National's baseball game, but on the way there Tyler decided to take a detour to the Constitution Gardens. Even though Emily was surprised by the trip to the gardens, she loves adventure so she happily went along. After a walk over a little bridge to the middle of a pond, they looked around to see the beautiful scenery and the Washington Monument overlooking them. In that perfect moment, Tyler got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him! Without a doubt or any hesitation, Emily said YES! While on cloud nine, they took some pictures, made some phone calls, and went on to watch the National's win! A day that they will truly never forget!

The Big Day

Their two years of being engaged was filled with finishing up school and planning, planning, planning for their big day! So much goes into preparing for a wedding that it can seem nearly impossible at times, but when the day comes, it's all worth it! They decided to tie the knot in the beautiful church of Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart. Emily wore a "beautiful fitted, beaded gown with a high neckline" that she looked absolutely breathtaking in. They had a traditional Catholic ceremony and they describe that moment as one they will treasure forever, "as the priest announced us husband and wife, we locked eyes and both had a moment of absolute pure joy and happiness. We then shared our first married kiss, in the most beautiful chapel, in the city where we fell in love." The reception was held in The City Club of Washington where they danced and celebrated with family and friends as they came together as one. ♡

Choosing a Glam Squad

One of the most important aspects to a bride on her wedding day is finding a glam squad that they trust to make them feel as beautiful and as confident as ever on their wedding day. When I asked Emily what she looked for when she was searching for the perfect squad she said, "I knew that I wanted to have a personal relationship with my glam squad on my wedding day. I assumed that the morning of would be full of nerves and I wanted the people that would be spending hours with my family and bridesmaids to know me and not be strangers. I also looked for someone who I could 100% trust with making sure my bridesmaids and I looked GLAM all day long." Emily connected with Island Glow immediately. When I asked her why she chose Island Glow and what stood out to her, she says, "What stood out to me was Michelle's contagious enthusiasm, her professionalism, and her gorgeous portfolio of previous wedding clients. I knew I wanted the "Island Glow" look for me and everyone else on my wedding day. Fun fact, I didn't even have a makeup trial done because I 100% trusted Michelle to make me and everyone else look gorgeous-and she absolutely did!"

Questions for the Bride about the Island Glow Experience

What are some of your favorite memories with Island Glow on your wedding day?

  • When I saw Michelle, all dolled up and gorgeous, walk into our hotel suite at 7:00 AM, I immediately knew that everything was going to be all right. I had absolute confidence and trust in her and her ability to glam me, my 5 bridesmaids, my Mom and my MIL.

  • I remember Michelle handing me a mirror when she was all done with my makeup and I squealed at how gorgeous and GLAM I looked! I remember her saying, "Wow, you look absolutely stunning!"

  • That night, when I went to wash my makeup off, IT WAS STILL PERFECTLY ON! We got married in the middle of July in DC where it was bright and sunny ALL day. We spent hours dancing the night away with our guests. As I looked in the hotel mirror, I remember thinking, I looked just as put together and gorgeous as I had at the beginning of the day. Thanks, Island Glow!

How would you describe your overall experience with Island Glow?

  • It was absolutely picture perfect in every way! Michelle was so professional, prompt, friendly, knowledgable about products and application and talked with everyone in the suite. She made us laugh and had conversations with us, all while glamming us up! She even let some girls bring makeup they had and used that so they felt more comfortable. To this day, I still have a personal relationship with Island Glow. Can you say that about your wedding makeup artist?!

  • Michelle even did my makeup for my 5:00 AM sunrise engagement photos. It was another warm day in DC and my makeup stayed put the entire time-even through a wardrobe change.

What advice would you give to a future bride looking for her wedding day glam squad?

  • Look for a glam squad that you have a personal relationship with. I knew I didn't want strangers spending hours with me doing my hair and makeup on my wedding day. I wanted to be in the company of friends on my most special day. Look at their portfolios and see if that's "the look" you want for your day. Read their reviews and most importantly-go with your gut!


Venues: The City Club of Washington, Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart in Georgetown

Photographer: Weddings by Hana

Florist: Ella's Florals

Hair/Makeup/Tan: Island Glow

Lucas & Karissa Lloyd

The Start of a Beautiful Forever

In this very month nine years ago, two people were set up on a blind date, having no idea what would come of it. 2012 seems like forever ago, but for Karissa and Lucas, it feels like yesterday that they first fell in love. Blind dates can be scary, you truly never know if the person you meet could end up being the love of your life, or someone you will never talk to again. Luckily, for Lucas and Karissa, on that blind date they found a connection that neither one of them ever wanted to let go. Karissa said she knew he was the one when she realized the love he has in his heart for her. When I asked her how she knew, she said that he cares for her so deeply, and never wants to see her upset. She even said that one night, "He drove in the middle of the night to surprise me after we got in a big argument. He can't stand to see me cry." So after that moment, she knew they would never be apart.

The Proposal

One of my favorite things about weddings, is hearing the story behind the proposal. Karissa and Lucas shared such a sweet moment together and here is the story of how it happened!

  • "I came home one night from work and he was dressed up and had a nice dinner made. He was very, very, nervous. I went to go change and he followed and said you know we are going to be around a lot of people the next couple of days (Christmas time)? I said yes, that's no different from any other Christmas. He said yeah, but I don't want you to think I'm doing this because I feel pressured or have to. I said what do you mean...oh no you're not doing this now. He chuckles and gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, hugged him crying and pulled away

Becoming the Lloyd's

Lucas and Karissa had a gorgeous southern wedding in Blackstone, Virginia at Poplar Hill Wedding and Events. She wore an absolutely stunning gown that she was glowing in. They had a beautiful, traditional ceremony where they exchanged vows and said "I Do". After the ceremony it was time for the reception where they danced, sang, laughed, and had the best time with all of their family and friends to celebrate their coming together as one. One of her favorite memories of her wedding day is when she choreographed a secret dance for Lucas to Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband". She performed this dance in front of everyone since Lucas absolutely hates the song, it was the perfect touch for a great laugh.

Questions for the bride about the Island Glow experience

What qualities did you look for when choosing a glam squad?

  • Personable. Cares about the bride and what she wants. Helps the bride when she is unsure. Caring. Passionate. Incredible at glamming!!

What stood out to you about the Island Glow team?

  • I was a bridesmaid they were glancing up and they were super nice and listened to everyone about their personal preferences and made them come to life. They made sure everyone looked on point and no one had anything out of line.

What is your favorite memory with Island Glow on your wedding day?

  • They made me feel so relaxed and assured. They felt like part of the family and not just workers there doing a job.

How would you describe your experience with Island Glow?

  • Amazing, impeccable, extremely satisfying...

What advice would you give to a future bride looking for her wedding day glam squad?

  • It's honestly worth the extra money to have a glam squad than just a friend. They want to make sure you look and feel amazing on your day. They take the stress away. You never have to worry. You honestly can not go wrong with Island glow!


Venue: Poplar Hill Wedding and Events venue

Photographer: Ashley Gordon

Florist: Greenhouse Florist

Hair/Makeup/Tan: Island Glow

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