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Professional Salon Sample: Sweat Resistant Sample

Professional Salon Sample: Sweat Resistant Sample


Bare Naked Sweat Resistant Professional Spray Tan Solution (for booths and HLVP) and Self Tanning Mousse was created in 2021 by Island Glow and has been the most popular amongst customers and salons. Made in the USA, this is the first and most unique of any kind.  


  • This is an EXPRESS formula which means it can be rinsed off in 1-4 hours.
  • It is NOT suggested to overprocess on the skin
  • True dark brown in color
  • Buildable to create a darker tan
  • Sweat Resistant so sweat passes through
  • Water Resistant so water repells off vs how water fades other solutions
  • Fade Technology has been added to provide a more sustainable tan longer than your average 5-7 days


Free Samples are available for professional salon owners. One sample per customer.

  • 4oz Spray Tan Solution
  • 50ml Self Tanning Mousse



Private Label and Wholesale options are available

Private Label (you offer with your own lablel) for 5 gallon minimums (solution) and 50 bottles (mousse)

Wholesale - order 2 gallon minimums (solution) and 20 bottles (mousse)

All products are made as a fresh batch and expires one year

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