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Oh My! My Tan Looks Horrible and it’s Day #2

So you just got a fresh spray tan two days ago and the spray tan tech promised you that today (day 2) would be the darkest and prettiest day of your tan ..... but you can make an argument of something completely the opposite!!

If you have experienced this during the 5-7 days of your spray tan, I feel your frustration!! This is actually my leg on day 4 .... and I AM the spray tanner!!  As I am continually repeating to our clients is HYDRATION is the secret to the spray tanning universe. This dilemma you see on your skin is a direct result of improper skin moisturization.  There are so many factors of the WHY and HOW so you need to communicate them with your spray tan tech so she can prep your skin with a prep spray and offer great post tan maintenance tips: lack of water intake, use of cheap moisturizer/lotions, medications, hormones, harsh clothes detergents, perfumes, season, shaving creams/bath soaps, product buildup, etc. 

We want to prevent this from happening to you and the goal is to teach you how to listen to your skin when it’s telling you what it needs. Here are our best tips to the ultimate glow of your spray tan:

- Exfoliate the skin as instructed 48 hours prior to tanning 

- Shave morning of tanning

- Use an organic body butter twice daily every day to hydrate properly *IG offers our body butters designed for our tans

- Use an organic bath bar for cleaning and shaving rather than shaving cream *IG offers our bath bars designed for our tans 

- Avoid spraying perfumes directly on the skin

- Drink at least 1 gallon of water daily 

Lastly, communicate concerns with your spray tan tech whenever your tan looks imperfect. Spray tanning is a process of several steps and it’s always a learning curve that comes with it. Just remember the key to a flawless spray tan is HYDRATION!!!!

xo, IG 

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